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technical information about collets

Collets as clamping elements for workpieces and tools

Collets are clamping tools to clamp cylindrical workpieces or tools quickly and safely with highest accuracy on a machine tool.

Collets on pressure

With a pressure collet, the collet is pressed against the front stop nut by a pressure sleeve.

100E, 101E, 103E, 109E, 110E, 111E, 1155, 116E, 117E, 120E, 123E, 1212E, 125E, 127E, 136E, 138E, 140E, 142S, 143E, 144E, 145E, 147E, 147S, 148E, 1446E, 156E, 1536E, 157E, 160S, 161E, 161S, 162E, 163E, 1536E, 164E, 171E, 172E, 173E, 174E, 175E, 176S, 177E, 185E, 186E, 188S, 190E, 193E, 196E

Feed Fingers

The feed fingers are used to feeding the bar material in single-spindle automatic lathes. Whether an internal or external feed collet is required depends on the desired clamping diameter.

206S, 207E, 217E, 220E, 220S, 222S, 230S, 236E, 237E, 250S, 254S, 254E, 258E, 261S, 273E, 274S, 242E, 259E, 278E

Draw-in collets

The draw-in collet is clamped from behind with a collet wrench. The pulling collets according to DIN 6343 are used in the most different areas. They are used in toolmaking, production and testing machines.

302E, 314E, 318E, 319E, 321E, 324E, 349E, 351E, 355E, 358E, 359E, 360E, 362E, 363E, 364E, 366E, 367E, 369E, 385E, 3713E, B45, 386E, 387E, 389E, 390E

Collets for tool clamping

400E, 401E, 404E, 407E, 410E, 415E, 2426E, 428E, 430E, 444E, 450E, 462E, 467E, 468E, 470E, 472E, 477E, 4004E, 4008E, 4541E

Collets sealed

4021E, 425E, 427E, 429E, 469E, 471E

Tapping collets

4031E, 4276E, 4282E, 4537E, 4716E

DK collets (Erickson system)

DK-S Supra (413E), DK30 (416E), DK20 (417E), DK10 (418E), DK18 (419E), DK40 (465E)

Tapping collets with length compensation

ER 16-LA, ER 20-LA, ER 25-LA, ER 32-LA, ER 40-LA

Collets for multi-spindle drill heads and hand grinders

600E, 601E, 602E, 603E, 632E, 635E, 636E, 6023E, 6043E, 6314E