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Chronological company history of the FWT GmbH

Donations instead of gifts

Also this year we are supporting institutions and projects with an donation.

We donate to Deutsche Krebshilfe

We donate to Stiftung Deutsche Leukämie- & Lymphom-Hilfe We donate to Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei

Flexibility, efficiency and economy

We expanded and optimized our central warehouse for further 300m². Daily we stock and outsource palettes with different articles. Our Hänel Lean-Lift® is a high-tech-storage system that allows us to save time and storage space in our warehouse organisation, it allows us a faster material supply and facilitates us an more efficient work flow. Due our intelligent energy management we decrease our CO2 emissions.

The picking data can be typed in per keyboard or can be scanned per barcode reader and the needed storage location will be indicated/selected by touching the TFT-Display. The lifts are extra connected through a HOST-System to our ERP-System and brings the required containers time-optimized to the sampling point. All informations will be shown on the TFT-Display at the lift and every employee can see the direct storage place of the article. The clear interactive operating panel is deducted with different colours for comfortable working.
Bestsellers and heavy products are placed in a palette shelving system, which is also connected via terminal with HänelSoft. Anytime it allows us to make a stock overview in realtime.

Maximum protection and highest performance

We attach the most importance to the data privacy, availability and highest performance. On 28. January 2014 we moved to our new managed-server with the latest and highest technique. Due to our newest PHP version and security updates the session will be base64 coded!

20 years tradition

On 1. July 2013 we celebrate our 20th company anniversary.

Changing of business model

The strategic structure, systematical conservation and active increase and our long-term relationships to our suppliers gave us the possibility to expand the business model to a trading company in 2008. Through this expansion many customers became suppliers, that’s one of our success factors. Since 1 January 2015 we are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Rheinhessen.

Collet chucks

The collet chuck is pneumatically controlled and serves for a high-precision tool tension with collets according to DIN 6343. Also it can be used horizontally and vertically.

Collet stop for collets

This collet stop for collets can be used with round-, square-, hexagonal-collets. The collet shaft doesn’t get deformed and the tension performance remains uninfluenced.

Hollow spindle stop for lathe machines

The hollow spindle stop is an optimal auxiliary tool for almost every lathe machine. It’s inserted at the back of the hollow spindle and with a special key clamped at a random position. This hollow spindle stop makes it possible to edit parts with an reproduceable position. Already this tool is worth it for small batches.

Precision clamping tools

The productive challenges and always efficiently economies, as well as the creative performance of our employees, helped for the result of innovative clamping tools, in the course of time.

Belt skimmer with environmental award 2007

Our extensive experience on the subject of energy and environment was rewarded. Due to the use of belt skimmer you can save an enormous amount of time, money and energy. Therefore a expert jury by the district of Mainz-Bingen honored us again for the environmental award 2007. The conferment happened in Gau-Algesheim at a information event called „Mensch, Gesundheit, Umwelt“ of the energy advice centre of the district administration on 17. June 2007. The certificate was presented by the county commissioner Claus Schick.

Disc skimmer with environmental award 2005

The innovations of the environmental products and the commercialisation awarded environmental prize 2005 by a 16-member expert jury of the district at an environmental event on 05. June 2005.

Expansion of the production area

Because of continual expanding production capacities we commissioned the build of a new bigger manufacturing hall on 05. September 2002, in which we moved in 01. April 2003. Therefore the company has 400 m² useable commercial space and 300 m² external storage area.

Change of company name

On 20. September 2001 the company changed the name from „Feinwerktechnik-Bingen“ to „FWT GmbH Feinwerktechnik Bingen“.

First environmental product – disc skimmer

In 1999 our first product about waste and sewage reduction was born. By and by further products were developed for the industrial disposal costs prevention at process baths with an successful market launch.

Our disc skimmer has due to his 300 mm large disc a enormous effective power. Because of the rotating disc there is an circulating agitation, which segregates the foreign oil from the whole cooling lubricant surface. The skimmer serves for the removing of foreign oil from the cooling lubricant. Through the universal tension clamps and the magnetic base you can fix the disc skimmer fast and save at the lubricant container. The use of the skimmer avoids as far as possible the bacteria build-up and the lifetime of the cooling lubricant considerably increased. The liability of the machine operator because of odour and steam generation is substantially reduced.

Education at FWT GmbH

In 1999 we educated a trainee to a precision engineer for the first time.

High quality standard

"The high quality standard and the meaning, which is ascribed to the quality as a critical factor in the competition, was detected early and very worthwhile in the following time. Therefore our company is leand on the DIN ISO-certification and still because of the manageable size warranting a short throughput times.“


In 1997 we invested in a CAD/CAM-system. SoldCAM connected all machines over a DNC-net with an central server. This means that the creating of machine-specific data of complex workpieces is guaranteed in a very short time. "On the basis of our balanced machinery and the modern technology we can respond flexible and cost-efficient to the customer requests/wishes." As a result of the customer- and quality-orientation our company captured a leading postiton with a stable name.


As in the year 1996 a CAD-workplace was established and the construction as well as the manufacture of special measuring equipment and test devices were running on full speed, more engines with CNC-technology were purchased.


The company FWT GmbH Feinwerktechnik Bingen was founded in 1993 by Joachim Bork as a private company and led under the name Feinwerktechnik Bingen. The master craftsmen worked in several fields of the manufacture and management and got tired of the slowness of the production facilities. A 60 m² large production company was obtained and a CNC-machine tool bought at the same time. The first orders were the restoration of surgical instruments and the production of small ready-to-install parts for the photographic industry.