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Favorable tools in our online shop tools

Regardless of whether collets or milling cutters with indexable inserts: The compnay FWT GmbH Feinwerktechnik Bingen is your solid partner for high-grade lathe tools and accessories. We also like convince you in the area of tool holders with our goods of quality. Our range of products surrounds numerous well-known manufactures: Among others we sell brand products like KIPP Device elements, AMF clamping elements, Lamina cutting inserts, MAKRA® edge deburring devices and MULTISUISSE quick change tool holders, Syitavy, Strong power chucks, TdeG, ROTOR live-centres and Zentra. If you should have any questions about our Homge vices or on one of our articles do not hesitate to contact us: We like to advise you.

Collets for professional use

Our company granted with the clamping head a particulary high tension in connection with utmost run-out precision. You get the corresponding collet chuck in our shop in a range of 100 millimeters. For example the model 5C: Through the simple and convenient design there will be absolutely no warpage during the clamping. Suitable for it, we deliver spanners for collets and adapters as well as extensive accessories for clamping systems. Our precision design collets are 100% ronout checked and are suitable for operations with tight tolerances and high revs. With those special ER collets you reach long tool lifetimes and finest surface goodness.

Appropriately chilled toolholders

Whether with an internal or external coolant: With our drill holder and other outstanding cnc tool holders, tool blades get optimally cooled during the machining. For this we also have a high quality of cooling lubricants. Our own oil skimmers prevent possible pollutions immediately so there is not any impairment of the machine performance. Precision tools are available at a cheap rate.

Lathe accessory for professionals

First-class cooling qualities are a trademark of our Europe-wide sold products. Our shoulder milling cutters or face milling cutters also have an internal coolant included, with the result that neither toll nor workpiece suffer from impacts of heat. We recommend the necessary boring bars, who also had a drilled hole for the internal cooling. With our tool holders you can perform all conceivable abandonments of production. We deliver tool holders for positive and negative inserts. Our lathe accessory like Zentra lathe chucks, independent chucks or lathe chuck adaptor plates as well driven tools in exceptional quality will convince you.

Our product range is multilateral

Our product range is multilateral and expands step by step. In our online shop tools you can find tools from measuring instruments for all applications till device elemts of KIPP. Our product range also includes AMF clamping systems and clamping elements for appliances, high-precision vices in row together with a big choice of grinding wheels.

High-quality cutting tools

In our online shoop tools includes favorable and high-quality steel saws, band saw blades metal, HSS and bimetal machine saw blades for hacksaws. We can also offer you reamers, hand reamers and machine reamers, countersink & boring tools like solid carbide and spot drills together with U drills for indexable inserts. The prouct range also comprises grooving tools incl. inserts for grooving and parting-off, turning tools like tool bits round, square or rectangle. For milling works we are able to offer you HARDAL milling cutters in different remarks.

One cutting insert for most different materials

The Multi-Mat-indexable insert is for a broad range of material qualified to cut efficiently. There is no difference if you handle with machining steel, alloyed steel, high-grade steel, cast iron and also exotical materials like Inconel or Titanium based alloys. Up to now you only need one cutting insert, the Lamina Multi-Mat ® cutting insert. We offer you a big choice of milling inserts and turning inserts.

Take my word for it!

Whether for commercial producer, craftsmen or private people: The FWT GmbH stands for an uncomplicated order process and short lead times. Our shop confident with acceptable prices and we also have a realtime stock level indication. You can not only trust in the quality of our collets, oil skimmers and and other products, but also in our services.

Special products
Clamping head with smooth clampi...

Clamping head SK 42 round 21.5mm, smooth

Clamping head with smooth clamping bore, for clamping of finis...

Setting ring gauges are made of ...

Setting ring gauges DIN 2250, D16 mm

Setting ring gauges are made of hardened tool steel, lapped

Bush BL2/40 for bush holder type...

Bush with morse taper, ORIGINAL MULTISUISSE, BL2/40

Bush BL2/40 for bush holder type J 40mm